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Vegetable Delight

17823 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills, CA 91344, USA
5.0 stars (1 review)
Cooking skills
Service and friendliness
Interior and atmosphere
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Vegetable Delight is a vegetarian restaurant that offers a menu featuring appetizers, salads, soups, casseroles, sizzling plates, mains, rice and noodle dishes, house specials, and drinks. Special luncheon and complete dinner are also offered. Menu includes vegan fare. Organic ingredients are mostly used in food preparation. Takeaway is available. Catering service is also offered.
17823 Chatsworth St, Granada Hills, CA 91344, USA
Opening times
11:30 - 21:30
11:30 - 21:30
11:30 - 21:30
11:30 - 21:30
11:30 - 21:30
11:30 - 21:30
braised green beans
braised broccoli
sesame beef
sesame chicken
pan fried noodle
kung pao
plant based
January 10, 2015 18:20

Cooking skills
Service and friendliness
Interior and atmosphere

I hate to really call myself a vegan. I guess as it relates to the way I treat animals and the environment it is accurate but for diet not so much. I lead a plant based lifestyle. A lot of eateries that call themselves vegan use a lot of oil, processed and other foods or preparation that I would never use or eat at home.

My wife and I visited Vegetable Delight many years ago before we were vegan / plant based. We thought it really sucked and did not finish anything or take anything home. We were craving fat and salt with our pallets totally out of whack.

Recently we re visited Vegetable Delight by accident and could not believe how fricking good it is. Everything is not only vegan but plant based and mostly organic. They make all of their own meat substitutes in-house along with sauces etc. When asking the owners why a vegan resturuant, they said, "we have always been vegan and we wanted a place to eat ourselves". This was 22 years ago.

Run by a married couple the charm and space is welcoming and always up beat. The food is to die for.

Please give them a visit, you will not regret it.


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