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PETA Progress Award 2015

January 05, 2016 in Behind the scenes by Jenny | visit Jenny's blog
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Hi Veg-Community! Once again we have good news!

Guess who won the Progress Award 2015 for the most animal-friendly app?

That's right, we did!

Here's a loose translation of what had to say about the Vegman app:

"Vegman: most animal-friendly app 
Vegman is of course not the only app that can show you the best veggie dining options on your smartphone or PC at one glance. This young app by the Berlin company yoozoo GmbH has however gathered a huge range of restaurants very swiftly in order to provide veggie-options in even the most unknown areas. Making the vegan lifestyle on the go this easy is definitely worth a progress award!" 

And here's the link in German.

Thank you, we gladly accept this honour and will continue to do our best to make the veg-life an easy option for everyone!

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January 11, 2018 14:50


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