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About Vegman

The vision

The founders of Vegman love eating, traveling and animals. That pretty much sums it up.
During their numerous business trips for their company yoozoo and while on private holidays, the two longtime vegetarians have noticed again and again how hard it is to find a good veggie place in a foreign city. Since yoozoo is a web agency specialized on many-2-many systems, it didn’t take long until an idea was born, the Vegman vision:

A community and a tool to make life for vegans and vegetarians throughout the world easier and even more delicious.

We “heart” Vegman, we absolutely do, but since it is a free time project developed and maintained by volunteers, our time is limited. Part of our vision – and one of our next defined milestones – is opening Vegman for the community.

The idea is to invent a karma system and based on their karma points, every user can access the project, add restaurants or photos and leave reviews for each and every place. Because we believe in Vegman and we believe in living a veggie life.

The heads behind Vegman (alphabetical order)
Albert (Germany) - Founder & CTO
Alexey (Russia) - Module development
Alfred (USA) - App development
Anna (Philippines) - Support & Head of data maintenance
Annika (Germany) – Blogging & text support
Andreas (Germany) - Theming
Benno (Turkey) - Eating veg food
Chrissoula (Philippines) - Data maintenance
Claudia (Germany) - Data maintenance
Dev (India) - Drawing
Irina (Germany) - Data maintenence
Ivan (Russia) - Module Development and theming
Jenny (Scotland) - Blog Management
Jochen (Germany) - Founder, Concept and Design
Rouena (Philippines) - Photo manager
Sven (Germany) - Development & Theming

Be a part of it!
You are designer, developer, entrepreneur, veggie blogger or you just wanna support us? We are grateful for every pair of helping hands! Just write us to [email protected] or use our contact mask, and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible. If you have no time but want to invest a few dollars, euros etc... we are more than happy about donations as well.